Mindsight Inclusion offers inclusion support,tech-savvy programme, and training workshps.


* Newest Research Evidence:

1. Self-Regulations skills substantially enhance children’s academic achievement, health, positive behaviours, and successful work; ages 3-5 is an unique window for rapid growth (Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, 2011).  Read More.

2. Self-control (one of many Self-Regulation skills) in childhood is the best predictor for success in adulthood (Channel News Asia, 2017). Read More.

* WILLPOWER Self-Regulation Programme for Children (3-12 years of age):

Through problem solving in completing learning tasks, our WILLPOWER Self-Regulation Programme aim to foster the child’s self regulation skills in goal setting, planning, predict consequences, impulse control, self monitoring, self reinforcement, fostering sense of competence and organizational skills in the schools.

* WORKSHOPS for Parents and Teachers:

Signature workshops to help parents and teachers to foster young children's Self-Regulation skills at home and at school settings will be offered periodically.  Customized workshops are available upon request. 


Dr. Yang Chien-Hui has extensive experiences supporting typical children and children with special needs in mainstream preschools in the United States as well as 13 years of teacher training experiences. 

*Dr. Yang obtained PhD in Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Kansas, U.S.A., which is ranked the top 1 Special Education graduate programme in the United States.  

*Dr. Yang has helped young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, Intellectual disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorders, language impairment, behaviour and emotional disorders, and severe and multiple disabilities, to be meaningfully included in mainstream preschool settings

*Dr. Yang served as an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University (U.S.A.) and NIE/NTU (Singapore) for 9.5 years, and is still part time teaching for NIE. She has 13 years of experiences training early childhood educators, mainstream school teachers, and special education teachers.  


*Dr. Yang has been features on media extensively as an expert in special education and early childhood education.  She has published 14 journal articles, one book chapter in the United States, and conducted 6 TV interviews and 15 radio/newspaper interviews in Singapore.

Dr. Yang Chien-hui
Dr. Yang Chien-hui


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