WILL-POWER Self-Regulation Programme


WILL-POWER Self-Regulation programme develops a child’s self-regulation skills using a combination of Feuerstein methods, sensorial learning and other research based strategies.  Through problem solving in completing learning tasks, the therapy sessions aim to foster the child’s self regulation skills in goal setting, planning, predict consequences, impulse control, self monitoring, self reinforcement, fostering sense of competence and organizational skills in the schools.  The child will implement learned strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies together with Dr. Yang to foster metacognition and self regulation competences.  If appropriate, Dr. Yang will also develop cues (visual or gestural) for teachers to use (in the classroom settings) for the purpose of cuing the child to implement the strategies taught in the therapy sessions.



This programme is catered for children 3-12 years of age, who have

(a) typical language and cognitive abilities, or (b) mild special needs (Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD).  They may have challenges in following the rules, getting along with peers, expressing their emotions in a socially appropriate manner, and coping with frustrating social situations.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. The child learns to regulate his/her own emotions for a real-life incident and learns strategies to exercise better impulse control.

  2. The child learns to "decode" a social situation and perspective taking (= comparing others' points of views and his/her own).

  3. The child learns to  be active learners and plan his/her own actions prior to solving a problem in a learning task.

  4. The child learns to identify alternative ways to deal with incidents or conflicts and practices active problem solving.

  5. The child learns to identify problems, analyse their behaviours, predict when the problems may arise, and learns ways to prevent problems to occur.

  6. The child learns replacement skills as a took to help them move away problem behaviours and a transition into appropriate behaviours.



* Group lessons: 2-4 children per group.  $100/hour.

* One-on-one therapy: $200/hour.

* Home based therapy sessions are available upon request. 

* Sessions in Mandarin are available upon request.

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